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Excellence Drives Us.

We are data nerds turning what ifs into reality.

Our Story

We are nerds at heart. What started as two engineers geeking out over simulation has evolved into a team of engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists. We love digging into data, uncovering insights, and delivering value through analysis.

We support decisions at some of the world’s largest companies. Our inaugural engagement was a $5 billion project with the world’s top mining company, where our value chain modeling unlocked hundreds of millions in value. This success, and our accolade as Franz Edelman Laureates, launched us forward.

With our passion for data and drive for excellence, we’re here to tackle your toughest challenges and deliver transformative results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine the landscape of simulation modelling, leveraging its untapped potential to deliver unparalleled value. Our team’s deep-rooted expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence ensure not just results, but extraordinary outcomes that empower your business to excel and flourish.

Our Values

We’re driven by a set of core values that guide us in delivering unmatched results.


Our innovative use of data is rooted in the belief that the bar can always be higher. Leveraging experience and expertise, we are dedicated to delivering powerful insights to drive smarter business decisions.


Our genuine passion for customer care means that we are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing personalized solutions. Ultimately, your success is our success.


We believe in building towards a better tomorrow. Simulation modelling provides the perfect means to right-size an operation, representing not only capital efficiency but a footprint conscious of future generations.


With a deep well of experience across a variety of industries, we have a tried and true set of best practices that we are always proud to deliver upon as we exceed expectations and drive real impact.


Time is money. Key business decisions can be subject to sudden shifts in priorities or revelations in data. Our dynamic workflow readily meets the ever-changing business landscape and provide timely insights.


As engineers, honesty and integrity come naturally to us. But we want our actions to speak for themselves, as we forge deep relationships through transparent communications and consistent performance.

Our People

We are a diverse, multidisciplinary group of engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists united in a common vision of optimizing business outcomes. Our team leverages data analysis and simulation to provide the insight and confidence necessary to safeguard capital investments using the power of digital replication, setting the stage for your success.

Bryan Monk

BASc, PEng

Principal and founder

Bryan Monk, distinguished as an INFORMS Franz Edelman Laureate, brings 30 years of seasoned expertise in consulting and modelling to extract maximum operational value with innovative, data-centric strategies.

Jefferson Lo

BASc, PEng

Technical Lead

Jeff leverages over ten years of hands‑on DES experience to ensure the integrity of the technical elements at MISIM. Combined with an inquisitive mindset and keen nose for value‑add opportunities, Jeff excels in translating digital insights into tangible real-world gains.

Steven Chang



Steven Chang is a data pro and developer skilled in Python, SQL, R, C#, C, C++, JavaScript, MATLAB and more. With a degree in Statistics and Computational Mathematics, he skillfully combines academic prowess with practical know-how.


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