Simulation Modelling Excellence

MISIM’s path to informed decisions.

Realize Your Business Potential

Managing a complex supply chain or operation comes with its challenges, often making it difficult to grasp the entire landscape while handling numerous intricate components.

With our proficiency in simulation and analytics, we digitally replicate your system, enabling a comprehensive view of its performance. By scrutinizing every facet, we pinpoint critical vulnerabilities, allowing us to collaborate on strategic capital allocation, ensuring your investments are optimally targeted and effective.

Our Cross-Industry Expertise

Our team’s modeled a wide range of intricate operations, including mines, process plants, logistics chains, and more.


Gain mining efficiencies with a digital twin: production forecasting, fleet optimization, open-pit trucking networks, underground sequencing, debottlenecking.

Oil and Gas

Navigate oil and gas complexities with data-driven solutions: production optimization, RAM, storage management, oil sands processing, upgrading.


Streamline logistics operations with tailored performance: fleet management, network design, distribution strategy, service optimization.


Empower port operations: capacity analysis, storage optimization, detailed operation replication, impact of commercial concessions, container and bulk.


Enhance rail network efficiency and capacity: yard requirements, network design, fleet sizing, scheduling.


Transform healthcare processes with powerful modeling: process improvement, policy evaluation, facility design, wait times.


Optimize complex processes with advanced simulation: production optimization, bottleneck identification, storage buffers, in-depth understanding of performance.


Maximize warehouse efficiency with tailored solutions: logistics, capacity, arrival and departures, parking, service times, and weigh scales.

Our solutions

Proven Solutions, Real-World Results

Empower your organization with MISIM’s collaborative, cutting-edge solutions. Unlock your full potential through data-driven decisions and optimal performance.

  • Simulation Modelling

    Add rigor to capital allocation. MISIM’s digital replication drives data-driven decisions for efficiency and performance.

  • Consulting

    Maximize your digital twin. Leverage MISIM’s consulting expertise to optimize value. Drive informed decisions for measurable, quantitative outcomes.

  • Model Custodianship

    MISIM’s expert in-house custodianship ensures data governance to support your critical decisions. Free your team to focus on innovation and advancement.

  • Model Audits

    Enhance decision-making with MISIM’s comprehensive model audits. Validate accuracy, uncover errors, and optimize reliability for informed choices.

Decisions from Data

The Science of Simulation

Unlocking potential through simulation modelling, MISIM’s meticulous approach crafts digital twins of real-world processes.

In simulation, details matter. Simple or complex, our models are validated and optimized to generate reliable outcomes for critical decisions, empowering you with unmatched insights and support for optimal results.

How It Works