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We’re not just building models — we’re forging a new era of simulation modelling excellence. Join our passionate team of engineering virtuosos, mathematicians, and computer scientists as we unravel complexities, uncover hidden values, and empower businesses worldwide.

Discover a dynamic environment where creativity thrives, innovation knows no bounds, and the work you do makes a tangible difference in shaping the future of industries. If you’re seeking to elevate your career, challenge the status quo, and be part of a transformative journey, MISIM welcomes you to unlock your true potential.

Our Values

We’re driven by a set of core values that guide us in delivering unmatched results.


Our innovative use of data is rooted in the belief that the bar can always be higher. Leveraging experience and expertise, we are dedicated to delivering powerful insights to drive smarter business decisions.


Our genuine passion for customer care means that we are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing personalized solutions. Ultimately, your success is our success.


We believe in building towards a better tomorrow. Simulation modelling provides the perfect means to right-size an operation, representing not only capital efficiency but a footprint conscious of future generations.


With a deep well of experience across a variety of industries, we have a tried and true set of best practices that we are always proud to deliver upon as we exceed expectations and drive real impact.


Time is money. Key business decisions can be subject to sudden shifts in priorities or revelations in data. Our dynamic workflow readily meets the ever-changing business landscape and provide timely insights.


As engineers, honesty and integrity come naturally to us. But we want our actions to speak for themselves, as we forge deep relationships through transparent communications and consistent performance.

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We are always looking for talented people who share our vision.

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With over 40 years of combined experience in simulation modelling, as well as multidisciplinary backgrounds, our passion and expertise converge to drive tangible results.

Explore how our core values facilitate a practical and transformative journey for your business.