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A Closer Look at Our Simulation Methodology

From Data to Insights: Navigating A Successful Simulation Journey

At MISIM, we pride ourselves on delivering a streamlined and efficient simulation process that delivers accurate and valuable insights to our clients. Our systematic approach encompasses various stages, each carefully designed to ensure optimal results and actionable recommendations.

Whether you are a mining company seeking to optimize your operations or a logistics firm aiming to enhance resource utilization, with over 40 years of experience, we’ve honed a streamlined, efficient process encapsulated in our five-step DIVES approach we consistently use to ensure you gain maximum value.



At the outset of our partnership, we engage deeply with stakeholders to understand your unique objectives and pain points, seamlessly integrating into your decision-making process. Our collaborative and data-driven approach focuses on your business culture and technical needs. We analyze your processes and performance metrics to identify precise optimization opportunities. Our goal is to define targeted modelling objectives that align with your specific requirements. This approach sets a foundation for accurate outcome forecasting and operational strategy optimization, offering tailored solutions that facilitate impactful strategic decision-making.


  • Collaborative requirement gathering
  • Identification of critical areas for modelling
  • Establish simplest approach that achieves objectives



Using advanced simulation software and data tools, we develop a bespoke simulation model tailored to your unique needs. Our approach begins with a clear understanding of your requirements, refined through routine communication channels to grasp the nuances of your operation. This model incorporates custom input and output dashboards, designed to reflect your system’s real-world processes accurately. Key activities include designing the model structure, developing input datasheets, and building logic that mirrors real-world scenarios. Our best practices, grounded in collaboration and technical expertise, ensure the model’s effectiveness. We carefully balance complexity, employing techniques like constraint theory, system dynamics, or agent-based algorithms when necessary. Utilizing tools like performance driver trees and influence diagrams, combined with stakeholder experience, we capture all performance drivers, ensuring a top-tier, exceptionally crafted product that aligns perfectly with your operational goals.

Strategic Design

  • Develop model algorithms that mirror real-world operations
  • Data governance and input capture
  • Targeted KPI structure to drive business success



Upon completion of the initial model, our rigorous validation and calibration process begins. We compare the model’s performance against benchmark data or historical records, focusing on metrics like equipment utilization, production rates, and system efficiency. This involves calibrating the model using relevant performance indicators and fine-tuning it based on interim results and your feedback. Our philosophy is to robustly test the model, employing strategies like stress test scenario analysis, black box testing, and comprehensive ‘line by line’ debugging. This comprehensive approach to validation culminates in a model that is not only robust and reliable but also conveys credibility, providing stakeholders a dependable foundation for critical decision-making.

Meticulous Assurance

  • Rigorous validation against real-world data
  • Black-box tests and outcome explainability
  • Client collaboration and internal peer review



In the Evaluate phase, our experienced team leverages the calibrated model, a precise digital replication of your reality, to assess baseline performance and unearth potential pain points. This step is pivotal for maximizing value, as our team’s expertise is crucial in interpreting and utilizing the model effectively. We delve into ‘what if’ scenarios, testing various conditions and operational strategies. Our focus includes estimating production capacity, resource utilization, pinpointing bottlenecks, and identifying areas for improvement. We also optimize system design and assess potential risks. Through iterative refinement and scenario analysis, our team ensures that every insight is harnessed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your system, turning data into actionable intelligence.

Value Focused Analysis

  • Scenario ‘what-if’ evaluation and mitigations
  • Bottleneck identification and improvement strategies
  • Operational optimization and risk assessment



As the project concludes, we address the potential for information overload by distilling our extensive analysis and findings into a concise, comprehensive report. This report synthesizes the key findings, outcomes, trade-offs, and opportunities, ensuring that the plethora of data and numbers are translated into clear, actionable insights. We tailor this documentation to meet your specific needs, encompassing everything from detailed model inputs and assumptions to logic descriptions and the outcomes of various runs. Our goal is to narrow down all potential paths for your business, highlighting only those avenues supported by solid quantitative evidence. Through clear visualizations and thorough analysis, we provide you with the essential information needed to make informed decisions, empowering you to drive improvements and capitalize on identified opportunities.

Summarize Outcomes

  • Report outcomes and learnings
  • Summarize trade offs and next steps
  • Actionable insights and strategic recommendations

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