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Emergency Room Simulation: Analyzing RSV Intervention’s Impact

Healthcare provider utilizes simulation modelling to evaluate the effects of an RSV intervention on emergency and inpatient hospital operations.

Enhancing Hospital Operations: A Simulation Solution

A leading healthcare company evaluated an RSV intervention’s impact with our team’s simulation model, analyzing Emergency Department (ED) and Intensive Care Units (ICU) processes. 

The study focused on reducing waiting times, optimizing resource allocation, and estimating inpatient bed needs.

Our team members assisted a healthcare provider who sought insights on the impacts of an RSV intervention. Through the modelling and analysis process, the client was able to improve hospital operations and overall efficiency, including optimizing ED and ICU processes, as well as deploying data-driven strategies for patient flow, waiting times, and resource allocation.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Simulation Model of Patient Flow and Resource Allocation

Our specialists developed a discrete-event simulation model capturing the patient journey in the ED and ICU. 

This process considered various factors, enabling comparative analysis for data-driven conclusions.


ED Simulation Analysis

Optimizing Emergency Department Operations

 ED operations were analyzed, assessing waiting times, queue lengths, and resource loading, providing valuable insights into the RSV intervention’s impact.


ICU Inpatient Analysis

Estimating ICU Bed Requirements

An in-depth ICU utilization analysis estimated the impact on inpatient bed requirements, supporting capacity planning and resource allocation.


Benefits and Outcomes

Unlocking the Benefits of Simulation Modelling

Our simulation analysis quantified ED wait times, estimated ICU bed requirements, enhancing patient care and resource allocation.

Driving Data-Driven Decisions

The healthcare provider gained insights to enhance patient flow, optimize resources, and improve overall healthcare delivery.


Unveiling the Impact

Significant insights were revealed through our simulation modelling analysis.

  • Emergency Department Patient Arrivals
  • Effective Capacity Planning

key results

  • Reduced patient waiting times in the ED
  • Enhanced ICU bed allocation strategies

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Through our team’s application of discrete-event simulation modelling techniques, the healthcare provider successfully analyzed the potential effects of an RSV intervention on emergency and inpatient hospital operations. 

The insights derived from the ED simulation model and ICU inpatient analysis provided critical data to understanding the holistic value of the intervention.

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