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Enhancing Energy Operations

Integrated simulation model for optimizing operational planning and efficiency for an energy company.

Versatile Operational Planning Tool

Our advanced simulation model caters to the energy sector’s operational planning and optimization needs. 

It offers a user-friendly interface and accommodates diverse equipment arrangements, processes, and operating strategies.

A large Oil Sands project required an integrated long-term planning tool of upstream (mine to froth treatment) and downstream (upgrading) processes. The model was used as a primary assessment tool to determine the  benefit of alternate capital expansion options under consideration.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Model Features

A comprehensive model was developed that integrated upstream and downstream processes, including bespoke input dashboards, flexible configuration, and conditional flow logic that provided a critical evaluation tool for the client’s long-term planning team.


Integrated Upstream and Downstream Model

Seamless Process Simulation

The model covered the entire oil sands project from mine operations to product delivery, enabling effective planning decisions for product blending and pipeline batching.


Equipment Flexibility and Efficiency

Tailored Inputs

Custom input dashboards allowed accurate simulation of oil sand processing operations that could be adapted to various operational scenarios.


Optimized Material Handling

Conditional Flow Logic

By implementing conditional flow logic, materials were dynamically rerouted based on tank levels, or other operating conditions, to accurately capture feedback loops and alternate operating modes.

Comprehensive Process Simulation

The integrated simulation model was deployed by the company to assess expansion options and served as a decision-support tool by their planning team for several years.


Enhanced Planning Capabilities

Impactful outcomes were achieved through our integrated simulation model.

  • Optimized Upgrading Process
  • Flexibility in Planning Strategies
  • Effective Inventory Management

key results

  • Comprehensive understanding of the upgrading process
  • Enhanced operational planning and adaptability
  • Effective inventory management for optimized performance

Empowering Informed Decisions

The integrated simulation model empowered the energy company with effective operational planning and optimization capabilities. 

With a comprehensive understanding of the oil sands project, the model facilitated informed decisions, improved efficiency, and optimized overall performance for the company.

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