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Enhancing Mining Efficiency

Discover how our dynamic simulation model optimized underground mining operations.

Transitioning to An Alternate Mining Method

Our team members assisted a mining client, operating the world’s largest underground salt mine, in evaluating a potential shift from drill-and-blast mining to continuous mining.

Several crucial challenges were identified regarding the mining process, including rock salt breaking during development and bench mining, continuous mining operations, primary crushing, and conveying.

Our Approach

Comprehensive Simulation Model

Our team members have experience developing models that capture the holistic mining process.

This included drilling and blasting, continuous mining with miners and DUX trucks, primary crushing, and materials handling.


Development and Bench Mining

Optimizing Rock Salt Extraction

The client evaluated drilling and blasting at the face for rock salt breaking, transport via haulage trucks to crushers, and further transport to breakers using load-haul-dump (LHD) vehicles.


Continuous Mining

Efficient Continuous Mining

The client evaluated continuous mining for rock salt breaking and loading into DUX trucks for transportation to feeders.


Crushing and Conveying

Streamlined Crushing and Conveying

The simulation modeled primary crushing units that received rock salt from the hauling fleet and the materials handling system responsible for transporting crushed material to an underground surge pile.

Optimal Design Analysis

Simulation modelling played a vital role in the client’s assessment of the trade-offs between drill and blast vs. continuous mining.

It facilitated evaluating operational capacities for different mining methods, optimizing mobile equipment fleet sizing, and optimal materials handling configuration.


Improved Mining Performance

Results achieved through our dynamic simulation modelling analysis.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making
  • Reduced Bottlenecks
  • Improved Resource Utilization

key results

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity
  • Identification and optimization of bottlenecks
  • Efficient utilization of resources for cost savings

Empowering Efficient Mining

Our team’s expertise in dynamic simulation modelling enabled this mining client to optimize their Primary Crushing Line. The model provided insights into the transition to continuous mining, improving equipment fleet sizing, and storage capacity planning. 

This collaboration empowered our client to enhance mining efficiency, productivity, and overall performance at their salt mine.

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